Yuna Brings Exorbitantly Bollywood-Inspired Glamour In New Self-Directed Video, (Not) The Love Of My Life

Malaysian Pop artist and among our favorite artists here at TheHipHopDemocrat, Yuna, released her highly-anticipated fourth solo album, Rogue, last month.  One of our favorite albums so far this year.

Yuna is far from done with promotion of the album too.  As after dropping two of the best music videos we’ve seen all year in her very cinematically brilliant G-Eazy featured Blank Marquee video, and the creatively heroic and empowering Esteban Valdez-directed video for Pink Youth, the singer and songwriter is back with the fourth video from the album, (Not) The Love of My Life.  A funky subtle-but-effective kiss-off track, which is also already the fourth single from the album.

The very exorbitantly gorgeous Bollywood-inspired self-directed video for one of the most standout records on the album and one of my personal favorites, was premiered earlier today through The FADER.  With Yuna and the video’s featured dancers draped in luxurious fabrics and decorated with intricate henna designs to bring the very exorbitantly glamorous Bollywood-inspired lifestyle to life.  The singer uses the classic style to tell the tale of a woman having doubts about the man she’s meant to marry.

As you watch the new visual you will probably immediately notice the decadent ruby-and-gold color scheme of it that offers both a feeling of opulence and a sense of alarm.  Perhaps indicating that the woman’s doubts are actually warning signs that need to be taken heed of.

Yuna herself having the following to say about her experience directing her first ever music video:

“Not The Love of My Life tells a story of a bride in the midst of getting ready for her wedding but is second guessing her decision to settle down.  I went back to Malaysia and wanted to collaborate again with my friend and traditional Indian choreographer Harshini Sukumaran whom I’ve worked with in the Forevermore music video.  I was also blessed to have collaborated with other talents and business owners, who live and breathe within the Indian wedding industry, as they help me breathe so much beauty and insight in what we were creating.


Back home we all partake in each others culture in a very loving and respectful way which I feel is very unique.. and in “(N)TLOML” I was very blessed to be able to share that part of my life with the world.  I’m not the main star of this video, they are.  I’m so happy that I got the opportunity to direct my first music video, but it would not be possible without the consultation, support, and most importantly, love from the Malaysian Indian community.”