Benny The Butcher Debuts Gritty New, Took The Money To The Plug’s House, Video

Exactly two weeks after premiering his 5 to 50 video and announcing his new Roc Nation management deal not long before that, Benny the Butcher, is back with the second video from his most recent project, The Plugs I Met EP.  The Griselda Records emcee premiering earlier today through Complex the new Condido Verona-directed video for one of the more standout and fan favorite tracks from the project with the gritty and raw, Took the Money to the Plug’s House.

The track getting a just as gritty visual that shows how Benny was able to transition from being in jail to ascend to where he’s in the rap game now.  Never wavering from his goals and destination he wanted to reach, even when he seemed like he was down and out behind bars.

The Butcher having the following to say to Complex about the new visual, “The video depicts my transition from being incarcerated and separated everyday to what is important to me, to now being very visible and on a very large platform where fans rap along with my songs word for word—and I feel that energy during my shows.  This has truly been a journey and I now truly feel like I ‘Took the Money to the Plug’s House.'”

Check out the new visual below and lookout for a lot more from Benny, Westside Gunn and the rest of the GxFx crew/label in the coming weeks and months.