KXNG CROOKED Takes Aim At Those Not Including Him In Top Emcees List, On Newest Weekly, Shot Ya

Whoever made the Top 50 Rappers of All-Time list that started circulating a week or so ago, then pissed off KXNG CROOKED for not including him.

As the Long Beach emcee shows on his newest edition of, The Weeklys, Shot Ya, why he should not only be on any and all top emcees list, but near the top as well.  Crook lyrically going off and sounding as hungry as ever on the Dizz-produced flip of The Notorious B.I.G. classic, Who Shot Ya?

With such standout bars as, “Run when that Jack Daniels cap twist off.  Cause fvckin’ with that J.D., I put you in a Kris Kross.  Fvck a list, I’m a Sith lord.  The West without Crook is like the G Thang beat without the synth cords.  Like Eazy-E without his ’64.  I know you feel me if you’re in poverty, piss poor.”