Femdot Brings, Chi’s Interlude II, For New #TransmissionTuesdays

Chicago’s very own Femdot has been on fire since starting his new #TransmissionTuesdays nearly a month ago.  Much like KXNG CROOKED dropping new freestyles every week over various classic instrumentals dating back to when he originally started the trend nearly 11 years ago, the Chicago emcee has been dropping new tracks each Tuesday.

Except that Femdot like fellow Chicago rapper, Kanye West, nine years ago when he was doing his weekly #GoodFridays, has been dropping original new songs rather than freestyles or flips of other tracks like Crooked.

Femdot’s newest edition today finding him showing off his lyrical prowess as one of the best emcees in the city right now over the soulful loops of the Charles Lauste-produced track.  Which also has a nice soul sampled singer in the backdrop to really bring the soul even more to the Chicago emcees very reflectively introspective and soulful lyrics about his comeup and growth as an emcee.