KXNG CROOKED Takes It Back To The, Baggy Jeans Era, For Newest Weekly

KXNG CROOKED really lives and breathes this Hip-Hop ish.  He shows so yet again with his newest edition of The Weeklys, Baggy Jeans Era.

Which finds Crook taking it back to that very era and truly great emceeing where you had to be bar’d up to make it.  Taken on a Dizz-produced flip of his former Slaughterhouse groupmate, Royce Da 5’9″‘s DJ Premier-produced classic, Boom.

Killing and lyrically destroying mics for well almost two decades when he was down with Tha Row, the Long Beach Emcee shows once again why he’s lyrically one of the best emcees to ever touch a mic.  Also showing why he should be at least top 10 and probably really top five or higher on a lot of those top 50 emcees lists people have been making lately.

Crook giving such quotables as, “Fresh off the cover of the magazines.  I bought my first Benz rockin’ a pair of baggy jeans.  A rugger in my waist, a couple of flashy rings.  Tryna escape the hard knock life by any means.  It hits different when your gift is different.  Haters all over me like Mitch Richmond, when he used to stick Pippen.  But the extended clip stick so big, I use it as a cane.  Big Pimpin’, n***as shooting like Ben Simmons.  This hombre go wilder than Deontay.  ‘Cause rappers be acting funny as 90 Day Fiancé.  Everybody is food, for real, peace to Conway.  When I look at a play list, I’m just tryna see my entrée.  This rap s**t is genuinely a menu to me.  Walk in the venue with me and then you will see I continuously send ’em to sleep.”  Also, “Off-wheat Beamer, no more walking on eggshells.  And the plates diplomatic, n***a, Hell Rell.  My caine go low like LL, my sentences gettin’ better.  You feel every letter, like it’s braille mail.”

The Weeklys, Volume 3 by KXNG Crooked