Jidenna Doubles Up With 2 New Singles, Sou Sou & Zodi feat. Mr. Eazi

A couple of weeks after hitting us with two new singles, Tribe and Sufi Woman, plus announcing his sophomore album, 85 to Africa, rapper, singer and songwriter, as well as producer, Jidenna is back yet again.

This time as we inch even closer to the Aug. 23rd and after dropping a video for Tribe last week, “The Classic Man,” is back yet again.  Hitting us with another double up of new singles in Sou Sou and the Mr. Eazi featured, Zodi.

Sou Sou, like Tribe is another laid-back, trap-meets-Afro-Caribbean fusion track that finds Jidenna displaying clever wordplay about economic empowerment.  Which will definitely have the ladies in the club winding and getting down as they sing along to the catchy chorus and lyrics from Jidenna about getting money with friends, but also being fiscally responsible to not blow it all at once.

While Zodi is a record that finds Jidenna more on his smooth lover man’s tip.  As over the more slower tempo Afro-Caribbean groove that has a baseline that’s very similar to Busta Rhymes classic, Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it actually sampled part of it.  Finds Jidenna singing the chorus of, “How many signs it gon take before its real for you?  Is it too real for you?  I give my life, I would kill for you,” to a woman named, Zodi, who he is trying to convince he’s the one for.  Not here to play no games with, but actually be real with.  While Nigerian singer, Mr. Eazi croons the lyrics of “No need to look to stars, I want to change your life.”  As all the fellas try to put their mack on to convince her they’re the one for her and like all Jidenna songs will have all the women winding and dancing away like they’re from Africa.  Big vibes and thangs, which got my already very high anticipation for the album, even higher now.