J.I.D Delivers Rousing & Energetic Lollapalooza Aftershow Performance At Concord Music Hall With Dreamville Records Fam

J.I.D performs with 6LACK and EARTHGANG at his Official Lollapalooza Aftershow at Concord Music Hall in Chicago on Saturday, Aug. 3rd.

Fully energetic and a sold-out crowd that rapped word for word along with him.  Dreamville Records emcee, J.I.D, delivered a very stellar and amazing performance Saturday night at Concord Music Hall for his Official Lollapalooza Aftershow ahead of his mid-afternoon Lollapalooza performance at Chicago’s famed Grant Park on Sunday’s final day of the world-renowned four-day Chicago music festival that I wouldn’t be surprised that most would consider better than his actual Lollapalooza set when he hits the T-Mobile stage later this afternoon. The September show schedule at Pepsi Center lists yet another appearance of J.I.D., and the crowd is already enthralled, and the tickets, being sold out.

Starting his set off with a thunderous performance of his opening track, Doo Wop, from his mostly critically-acclaimed debut album, Never and going into, LAUDER, as well as the very popular, EdEddnEddy.  All from his debut album, J.I.D made sure he started off with a rousing performance of those three tracks for his day one fans.

Before going into his very crazy performance of EdEddnEddy, the Dreamville emcee said how him and his DJ like to play a portion of the record that samples the track before they go into.  Case in point that record being sampled by legendary Hip-Hop group, A Tribe Called Quest’s memorable hit single, Scenarios.  To which the crowd went crazy and rap and sang along to, right before J.I.D decided to go into a good portion of his recent DiCaprio 2 album, which he talked about releasing just last November and asked, “Who heard it?”  Most of the crowd giving a resounding, “Yes!”  Going into popular records, Off da Zoinkys, Workin Out and his latest single, Off Deez.  As he showcased his lyrical muscle.

J.I.D would then say he had some special guests he brought with him, “Was it OK, if I bring them out?”  The sold-out crazy of course saying, “Yes!” and proceeding to go crazy, as he brought out his Dreamville labelmates and fellow Spillage Village group members, EARTHGANG.  As they went into their popular crazy collaboration, Mediate.  Then talking about the recent Dreamville Records compilation album, Revenge of the Dreamers III, they recently put out before going into their super crazy dope and energetic collaboration, Down Bad, from it.  Really taking the sold-out crowd bonkers and over the roof, as they rapped and sang along and proceeded to also go into one of their other collaborations from ROTD III with, Wells Fargo.

That wasn’t the only surprise though, as J.I.D would keep it in his Spillage Village and fellow Atlanta family, by bringing out singer 6LACK, who’s crazy hit Grammy Award-nominated single, PRBLMS, was starting to blair out the speakers, the sold-out crowd going absolutely crazy as they noticed him coming out to perform the record as a surprise guest.  J.I.D and 6LACK would also of course perform their crazy dope collaborative single, 151 Rum.  6LACK coming out made perfect sense too, seeing as he just played his own very stellar Lollapalooza set earlier Saturday.  J.I.D kept it in the family too, as he had his fellow Dreamville labelmates Lute and Omen come out with their own pretty solid small sets opening for him.  Which included Chicago’s very own Omen performing a couple of new records since it has been a long time he put out new material, as well as been able to play and perform new stuff in his hometown.

Keeping it all in the Dreamville family and them all having very stellar and amazing sets, J.I.D helped show that J. Cole has a really good eye for talent and when you look at the best Hip-Hop record labels right now, only Top Dawg Entertainment, if anybody is ahead of Dreamville.  Though after that performance and with the way they have been killing everything lately, it can very well be argued that they have possibly even leap-frogged TDE for the time being.  With J.I.D, Omen, Lute and EARTHGANG being among the biggest reasons why.