6LACK Brings Smooth Sounds To Lollapalooza With Very Stellarly Amazing Day 3 Set

6LACK performs on the Bud Light Stage during his early evening set for the third day of Lollapalooza on Aug. 3rd, 2019.  Photo courtesy of Greg Noire

The sweet smooth sounds of one of the most talented upcoming singers and songwriters in R&B, 6LACK, brought his all to the Bud Light Stage for his early evening set Saturday in Chicago’s famed Grant Park for day three of Lollapalooza.

Taken place on the furthest north end Bud Light Stage, the Grammy-nominated artist, who appropriately came out decked in all black, performed everything from his current hit collaborative singles with fellow talented upcoming singer/songwriter, Khalid, Seasons and OTW to his memorably smooth single, Cutting Ties.  As well as closing out with both his Grammy Award-nominated singles, PRBLMS and J. Cole featured hit single, Pretty Little Fears.

Showing off his very smooth and incredibly amazing talented live singing voice during his set, 6LACK, showed why the crowd sang along to almost every record verbatim with such ease.  With the singer even asking about, “Where’s all the beautiful women and single ladies at?”  Before he performed, OTW (of course sans Khalid), a little over a year after Khalid performed it on that same stage.  His DJ also asking, “Are you guys fvcking live here in Chicago?  Then give me a, fvck yeah!”  To which the crowd obliged and then 6LACK proceeded to go into the catchy sing-rapping of, Cutting Ties.  With the crowd bouncing and dancing back and forth, as well as singing the catchy lyrics of the record.

By the time 6LACK got to closing out his set, he would tell the crowd, “I don’t need to say much about this next record, except that it’s Grammy nominated.”  The singer then going into a very stellar performance of his J. Cole-assisted and Grammy Award-nominated single, Pretty Little Fears, of course sans Cole, to close out his very stellarly smooth and amazing set.  Really showing off his great singing voice, as the crowd sang along the smooth catchy lyrics of the record.

6LACK would close out by telling the Chicago and Lollapalooza crowd, “Chicago, I go by 6LACK.  That’s my time and I love y’all.  Thanks.”  The crowd clapping and thanking him back, you can see why he has been highlighted on several new artists must-watch lists within the past few years to go along with several other accolades and why it probably also wouldn’t be long before the Grammy-nominated artist is back in Chicago at Lollapalooza playing a more prime time slot than the 5pm one he played Saturday, in just a few short years.  Perhaps even having won at least one, if not several Grammys by then.