Sinéad Harnett Keeps, Pulling Away, In Beautifully Stunning New Video feat. Gallant

Beautifully talented singer and songwriter, Sinéad Harnett, returns with the debut of her newest video, Pulling Away featuring Gallant.  Premiered yesterday through Vevo, the new beautifully stunning visual for the just as beautiful record finds the two singers in a forest along the fields of grass and later along the sands of the beach, as they sing in perfect harmony the magically smooth and very passionate lyrics about how they continue to keep pulling away from a love, they can’t quite let go.

The beautifully magical collaboration between two of the most talented artists in all of music right now showing off both of their soothingly soulfully smooth and passionately heartfelt vocals and why their chemistry, as well as vocals along with the very magically stunningly beautiful visuals is a true masterpiece of art between two amazing artists that really truly helps bring the beautifully romantic record to life.  When it comes to making such perfectly masterfully stunning and magically beautiful visuals of art to complement a record and bring it truly to life as a true masterpiece of art there aren’t to many who do it better than Sinéad, who proves yet again why she’s among the top of mine and so many others lists of favorite artists right now and I’m sure will be for many more years if she keeps making such soulfully hearfelt magical pieces of art from the music to the visuals and everything in between like this.

That’s why the anticipation for her long-awaited and highly-anticipated debut album, Lessons In Love, which she announced the Sept. 20th release date for yesterday, not long after releasing the video is even higher in anticipation now for me and so many others.  Not only as one of the most anticipated R&B/Soul releases of the year, but across all music period.