H.E.R. Celebrates Her 21st Birthday, In New Video For Celebratory New Single, 21

Rising Grammy Award-winning singer and songwriter, as well as musician, H.E.R. celebrates her 21st birthday and the whirlwind past few years she has had in the video for her appropriately titled new single, 21.

Premiered earlier today the new visual for the celebratory new record features footage from H.E.R. celebrating her 21st birthday last year, as well as footage of her life as a touring artist.  Not to mention all the other whirlwind experiences and accomplishments she has experienced over the past few years.  Which only a rising R&B star like the now 22-year-old would know.

Written when she turned 21 last year, H.E.R. had the following to say in a statement about the very jazzy beautifully reflective and amazing new record, “I wrote this song when I turned 21.  It was one of the best years of my life!  I’m experiencing all the things I prayed for as a kid and more.  The scary part is, it’s just the beginning.”

One listen and view of this very reflectively honest amazing new record.  To see all she has accomplished at such a young age and as she herself admittedly said scarily enough is only the beginning, then you can see why me and the staff here at TheHipHopDemocrat selected H.E.R. as our can’t miss performer for Lollapalooza next weekend here in Chicago.