Childish Gambino Lollapalooza 2019 Preview

One of the most revered and influential figures in not only Hip-Hop and music, but entertainment as a whole.  Childish Gambino shows what hard work and dedication can bring you.

Nearly five years after playing Lollapalooza in one of the not as big stages, when he played the Bud Light Stage and he was still not getting full recognition as a great music artist.  Gambino is now back not only as a headliner, but one of the biggest artists and overall great entertainers in the world.

Going into his second ever Lollapalooza performance that year, he was coming off the sudden almost overnight success of his second album, Because the Internet.  Which was pretty critically-acclaimed by most critics and had just earned him his first ever Grammy nominations, as well as eventually later down the line in 2016 earning Glover his first Gold plaque.

Since that time the 35-year-old writer, actor, comedian, producer, director and music artist has shown his talent has no bounds or limits.  As he has written and starred, as well as created and occasionally direct the hit FX series, Atlanta.  Which he has won several awards and received numerous accolades for since the series first premiered in 2016.  Going under his government name of Donald Glover as an actor, he has starred or made cameos in films ranging from Spider-Man: Homecoming to more recently the live action adaptation of the classic Disney animated film, The Lion King.  Playing the adult Simba in the latter.

Glover has always had a really great directors eye.  Whether it be his own music videos or directing for fellow talented artists and friends, such as Jhené Aiko and you can see why he has had so much success with Atlanta.

As much influence and talent as he has across all forms of entertainment, his work as a music artist and Childish Gambino, has continued to earn several awards, accolades and praise too.  Whether it be his third album, Awaken, My Love, which earned him his first Grammy Awards win for the single, Redbone or his very talked about and provocative stand along single and video for, This is America.  The latter, which he released last year and only a few months after signing with RCA Records.  It earned him Grammys for Song of the Year, Best Music Video, Best Rap/Sung Performance and Record of the Year.  Not to mention he collaborated with both Beyoncé and Jay-Z on the record, Mood 4 Eva, off Beyoncé’s recently released curated compilation album, The Lion King: The Gift.

So even despite saying he will retire from music as Childish Gambino after his next album and being as big of an artist as he can probably ever be, you can see why he’s now headlining Lollapalooza his third time playing the festival.  Going with the saying of the third time is the charm, you can also see why his performance is near the top, if not the most anticipated performance of the whole festival for most people who will be attending Lollapalooza.  Especially if he does actually decide to go through with retiring from music after his next solo album, to focus more on his acting, writing, comedy, directing and whatever else he dabbles his hand into.  This maybe the last time for most, if not all to catch a Gambino performance.

Either way as previously mentioned you can see why he’s not only one of the headliners this year, but one of the most anticipated performances of all of Lollapalooza.  Which me and a lot of others will really be looking forward to.