KXNG CROOKED Has The Story Of A, Gangsta, To Tell On Newest Weekly

As we head into the second half of the year, KXNG CROOKED, doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon with his weekly assault of numerous instrumentals for his latest weekly series.  This time with his Dizz-produced flip of Compton Most Wanted’s classic, Hood Took Me Under, the only thing slowing him somewhat down is his spoken-word type flow and delivery for his the 27th edition of The Weeklys.

Appropriately titled, Gangsta and featuring OG Blacc Bugg, it finds the LBC lyricists showing his versatility as a great storyteller and poet, as he tells the story of a young Crook being raised into the Gangsta lifestyle so many Westcoast emcees like himself find themselves raised up into.  Such opening lyrics as, “I like to start off with the story of a young kid named, Crooked.  He grew up a whole lot of Gangsta s**t.  The kind of s**t a n***a with Amnesia and Alzheimer’scan’t forget.  Let me paint the pic.  See around here set trippin’ and drug dealin’ is a religion, it ain’t just Crip.  Bloods and Crips took the red and blue pill. (Yea)  Matrix s**t.  Freedom isn’t real.  Freedom isn’t real.  ‘Cause people think being equal is evil.  Don’t believe me, just ask Martin Luther King and Emmitt Till.”  Showing once again why Crooked is not only one of the best Westcoast emcees of all-time, but ever period cause of his versatility to show great storytelling as a not only an emcee but as a spoken-word type poet too.