KXNG CROOKED Brings The Heat On, Week 24, Of The Weeklys

As we inch even closer to the midway point of The Weeklys with Week 24, KXNG CROOKED continues to kill any and every instrumental he touches.  This time for the appropriately titled 24th installment, Week 24, bringing the heat over the Dizz-produced flip of Bad Meets Evil’s, Scary Movies instrumental.

Continuing to show why his lyricism and wordplay is easily among not only the best alive, but ever, Crook drops such mind-blowing multi bars as, “Born bummy, the slums is a war-torn country.  Cops are pigs with horns, them wild boars hunt me.  I’m in the streets with the wolves, I’m outdoors comfy.  Fiends paying the workers they outsource monthly.  Gorilla dung, the city is going apes**t.”  Also adding such quotable bars as, “I mean I couldn’t ever take a break.  Hit the pen and pad till my bars, was as advanced as a spaceship.”