Kembe X, Jay Rock, Ab-Soul & Zacari, Were, Raised A Fool, On New Single

It’s been awhile since we heard something new from Chicago emcee Kembe X, who dropped his debut project, Talk Back in 2016 and since than hasn’t dropped any new projects.  While the emcee has made a very huge comeback today with his new single, Raise A Fool.  Where over a rock-infused backdrop Kemba collaborated with TDE’s Jay Rock, Ab-Soul and Zacari for the very fire new banger.  Which has Zacari singing the very rock-influenced chorus to open, while Kembe, Rock and Soul all give very stellar verses on how they were, “Raised A Fool.”

Soul, who we haven’t really heard in awhile too, given easily given the best performance with this very stellar guest verse.  “What’s your life about?  Enlighten me.  Is you gon’ live on your knees or die on your feet?  Stand up and face the music or run and meet your defeat?  I am to the microphone what the sun is to heat (Hot).  Hence all the fans you see wavin’ at me.  All of the debatin’, all of the scrapes masturbatin’ to me.  That’s why they buy a ticket to pay attention to me.  I’m making cents making sense.  B***ch, life is but a dream.”  Though Kembe and Rock weren’t that bad either, with the Chicago emcee offering this standout verse of his own to open the track, “My whole family love the earth, we came from the dirt.  Where the raisins burn, best thing they can do is stay alert, uh.  Daddy used to push a Caddy off of pushing work.  I’m like why you tell this story while we on the way to church?”

If this is a taste of anything about what we can expect from Kembe’s new project, which is likely set to drop this year, we are in for some real heat.