Dreamville’s Bas & J.I.D Heat Things Up & Go Off With Fiery New Single, Fried Rice

Dreamville has easily one of the best rosters in Hip-Hop right now and with their highly-anticipated compilation album, Revenge of the Dreamers III, still set for release sometime this year, they have been keeping fans occupied in the meantime.  Whether it be First Lady and their lone R&B/Soul act, Ari Lennox finally releasing her very highly-anticipated and mostly critically-acclaimed debut album, Shea Butter Baby over the past month or Bas, J.I.D. and Lennox giving us new visuals as well throughout the first few months of 2019.

Nearly midway through the year, it has already been a very hot and busy 2019 with it looking to be an even hotter Summer for the Dreamville roster.  With today making it even hotter by two of those artists, Bas and J.I.D teaming up to bring the heat and go off on the fiery new K-Quick-produced single, Fried Rice.  An ode to Bas’ upbringing in New York City where he was raised after leaving his birthplace of Paris, France when he was just a young child, the fiery new track finds both emcees going lyrically off over the dark and fiery production.  Though J.I.D easily steals the show like he has continually been doing lately whether it be on his own records or features.  Except this track to be on the upcoming deluxe edition of Bas’ latest solo album, Milky Way and look for a lot more shows, new tracks and projects from Bas, J.I.D, J. Cole, Lennox and the rest of the Dreamville team/roster this Summer.  What’s sure to be a very hot one too.