Emeli Sandé Premieres Extraordinarily Uplifting New Video/Single, Extraordinary Being

Nearly two months after premiering the powerfully gorgeous new video for her just as emotionally powerful and soulful latest single, Sparrow, very extraordinarily talented singer and songwriter, Emeli Sandé is back with another new video and single.  Premiering through Vevo the very extraordinarily uplifting and colorful new Sarah McColgan-directed video for her newest single , Extraordinary Being.  It’s also the second single from the singer’s very highly-anticipated and long-awaited third solo album, Real Life, which is set to drop a little less than a month from now on June 21st.

Like most of her records it finds Sandé delivering positively and inspiringly uplifting lyrics, but with a more dance and disco-type vibe than the regularly powerfully emotionally strong anthem-type ballads we are used to hearing from the very extraordinarily talented singer and songwriter.  Singing about how, her, me, you and everyone can be such extraordinary beings, in whatever it’s we do in life, the very talented U.K. singer let’s it be known as the title suggests, we are all extraordinary beings.  Having the following to say in a statement about the record, “We are extraordinary.  It is about reminding people of their innate greatness which exists in everyone.  The extraordinary is not just for some people, it is for all of us.  I hope the lyrics will help those lacking in confidence to be reminded of their super powers.”

The extodinarily and uplifting new visual showing the grace and strong brutally potent beauty and fighting spirit of such an extodinarily great vocalist as Sandé.  That is just as strong and brutally inspiringly soaring, positive and uplifting as that of the, Dark Phoenix.  Ironically enough the clip includes some scenes from the highly-anticipated upcoming X-Men movie, Dark Phoenix, which the record is meant as a theme song for too.  After watching the very extraordinarily uplifting and inspiringly positive new visual, you can agree why the lyrics and song where such the perfect fit for doing so too.