You Can’t Get Anymore Simply Beautiful, Yet Ethereal In Snoh Aalegra’s New Video For Emotionally Touching, Love-Infused Single

A little over a month ago very beautifully talented singer and songwriter Snoh Aalegra dropped what’s not only easily her best record to date, but one of the greatest records and songs ever recorded with her very emotionally touching and soulful love-infused latest single, You.  While today the ARTium Recordings artist premieres the simple, yet beautifully ethereal new IPW-directed video which finds her over a beautiful purple backdrop sitting down and singing so compassionately with her emotionally soothing vocals over the soulfully thumping Joel Compass-produced guitars backdrop the emotionally touching lyrics about a love she has for someone who she can’t live without, while also keeping that romance quiet and on the low.

The simplicity and standout purple backdrop helping you able to really listen to the beautiful simplicity of Aalegra’s very emotionally harmonious soothing angelic vocals and emotionally compassionate touching lyrics to go with the guitar strings of the production to really truly bring this very beautiful record to life.  A record that’s so beautiful and hauntingly perfect it may even bring you to tears, it’s also the perfect one to play in a live setting backdrop.  Which is why Aalegra probably went to the more live and intimate, yet simple setting for the visual to truly help bring the record to life in a way you wouldn’t think it would.  But really surprisingly truly did.