One Of The Top & Most Versatile Emcees Out, Snow Tha Product Set To Go Off On Upcoming Goin Off Tour

One of the most versatile and top female emcees in all of Hip-Hop, Snow Tha Product, has really transcended the genre with her signature rapid fire flow and ability to rap in both English and Spanish.  While also able to adjust to any beat or style, whether cinematic, going straight off with her killer lyrical ability or more smooth, as well as fun and introspective records as well.

An emcee that has always stood out as arguably not only the best female emcee right now, but one of the best in Hip-Hop period, Snow is unlike most any emcee the genre has really ever seen.  Male or female.  Which is why her music, grind and hustle has also stood out for almost a decade as one of the best.

Her grind, hustle and dedication to go with her just as great music, helped her get signed to Atlantic Records in 2012.  With her breakout viral hit singles, Drunk Love and Woke Wednesday, helping her do so.

Catching the attention of several notable Hip-Hop artists over the years, ranging from Tech N9ne to KXNG CROOKED, Joell Ortiz, DJ Paul, B-Real and Layzie Bone, among others.  You can see why she’s highly respected as both a great emcee and just artist period.

Which makes you wish things would have worked out better with Atlantic, who she finally left last year.  Running into the industry politics that so many other great emcees and artists seem to run into over the years with most major labels.  Snow was never able to put out an official major label album and only an EP, as well as a few official singles in her time with the label.

At the same time you got to believe she truly used it as a learning experience too.  Especially on what to do and not do.  While applying it to being a better and more savvy business minded artist as well.  Who’s better suited at being an independent artist in today’s more independent minded industry.  Where you don’t always have to be on a major label to get your just due.

One of Snow’s biggest influences and a frequent collaborator, Tech N9ne, the perfect example of that with his revered and respected Strange Music brand.  That has helped both Tech and Strange, become some of the most iconic rap brands in not only Hip-Hop, but beyond it by their legions of fans that swear by Tech’s music and the Strange Music brand.

Snow has started to foot the groundwork with her own Product Entertainment, where she was still able to put out several mixtapes independently while signed with Atlantic.  Most notably, Good Nights & Bad Mornings, which she put out just a few months after signing with Atlantic.  It’s still her most noteworthy mixtape to date.  Though her recent mixtape, Vibe Higher, which she put out fully just last December (previously releasing as a partially completed mixtape on October 4, 2017) gotten really close to matching it.

The latter helping Snow launch three different tours too.  The, Vibe Higher Tour, Vibe Higher 2018 Tour and just recently kicked off, Goin Off Tour, which is set to hit Avondale Music Hall here in Chicago at the end of the month on Friday May 24th.  Snow hopes Vibe Higher, to be just the launching point for her to put on other talented emcees and artists through Product Entertainment in the likes of Castro Escobar, Jandro, Lex the Great and AJ Hernz.

Currently all touring with Snow, I’m sure she hopes that Product Entertainment will become even half as popular and synonymous with her as Strange has become with Tech.  This just the launch and starting point for some hopefully truly great things for both her and the label.