KXNG CROOKED Drops A Storm Of Bars, On Newest Weekly

Just when you think he couldn’t get any better, KXNG CROOKED, continues to absolutely destroy any and every instrumental he touches with each new edition of The Weeklys.  This time flipping the Mobb Deep classic, Quiet Storm, with the Dizz-produced, Storm, for Week 19.

Continuely proving why bar-for-bar there’s lyrically no one alive that’s really touching him.  Crook goes in with a storm of bars from the very start of the track that’s so fierce and fire, it will feel like it has transpired from a storm to a hurricane.  Such bars as, “Who flippin’ classics better than us two?  My attitude is like Prodigy, n***a, fvck you.  I’m takin’ music to the left side like a clef note.  Grab a NY classic and drag it to the Westcoast.  Put it on hydrologics, have that muthafvcka hoppin’ with a yappa in the passenger seat signin’ your death note.”  Very much setting the tone for all the lyrical bars of dopeness throughout.  With such aggressive standout bars, “Lyrical gangbangin’ like Dr. Dre in a Chronic way.  Except it’s modern day.  If any opponent enter my zone.  A serial killer is gettin’ it on.  N***as are pitiful thinkin’ they lyrical.  How many syllables fit in a song?  Just leave the spitter alone, sendin’ you home.  Splittin’ your dome.”  Yet further proving it.

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