New Artist Spotlight – Kota The Friend with Birdie

We are back.  Not as long as a hiatus since we did our last new artist spotlight, as usual.  Only dating back to the end of March with rising great upcoming emcee, El Camino.  Today me and the rest of the team here at TheHipHopDemocrat have decided to bring back again our always very popular New Artist Spotlight for a third time already here in 2019.  This time highlighting one of Hip-Hop’s rising great talents, in Brooklyn, New York native, Kota the Friend.

One of the fastest rising talented emcees from the always popular New York borough, Kota looks to be just the latest to hopefully have a long and prosperous career from the always well-known and respected BK.  His latest single, Birdie, a very smooth and lyrically introspective cut in the same vein of another great Brooklyn-bred emcee, Jay-Z, that shows how much talent and promise the young and upcoming emcee has.

Kota is not only a great emcee, but just artist period.  That has done pro cinematography for the likes of popular underground emcees such as BLU and Asher Roth, among others.  Since returning to music in 2016, he has continually released music though and after releasing three straight EP’s he is finally set to release his anticipated debut album, FOTO, in just a few short weeks on May 15th.  So I’m sure you will be hearing plenty more from Kota not only the rest of this year, but hopefully many more years to come.