Joyner Lucas Drops Powerful New Video/Single, Devil’s Work

After a little bit of a hiatius, Joyner Lucas is back and better than ever in the powerful new Ben Proulx-directed video for his just as powerful new single, Devil’s Work.  Which Lucas co-directed and finds him at a church with a bible and bottle of Hennessey in hand.

As he walks down the aisle rapping the very powerful and impactfull lyrics about the good, bad and ugly of the world that show why his pen is one of the sharpest in Hip-Hop right now. Lucas imagines having a conversation with God and surrounded by photos of both past and present figures being flashed at the pews, he questions why the likes of Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, 2Pac, The Notorious B.I.G., Eazy-E, Martin Luther King Jr., Nipsey Hu$$le and so many other legendary and/or notable figures, who’s life’s where gone at such young ages.

While also questioning why other notable names such as Eric Holder, the current U.S. President, George Zimmerman, Dylann Roof, Martin Shkreli, and others who have capitalized off doing wrong are still here instead.  He also let’s it known he doesn’t think that it’s Gods work, but, “it’s the devil’s work” that the good die young, while others who have done far worse are still here or not getting the punishment they truly deserve.

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