Emilio Rojas Is Full Of Spite In Graphic New Video For Aggressive Hard-Hitting New Single

Emilio Rojas is full of spite at how the unrest currently is in his original native land of Venezuela to the current unsettling issues much of us are currently having here in the U.S. and even some of the own internal conflicts of his own.  So he very aggressively takes it out in the hard-hitting and true to life no holds barred lyrics of his latest record, the appropriately titled, Spite.  Which sees Rojas showing how it affects him with the very graphic new accompanying Stacking Memories-directed video he premiered the other day along with the track.  Just his second track of the year he has released, he had the following to say about the new record, “The song is produced by Reezy Tunes, and is a super aggressive and pensive track that touches on everything from the unrest in Venezuela to the issues we’re having here in the US with a hint of my own internal conflict.”  Planting the Venezuela flag while addressing the dilemmas and conflicts he and so many others face, Rojas is just hoping change will soon come.  His very eye-opening new visual and track hopefully the start of it.