Twista Is War Ready On New Single

Twista may not always get his full just due, but he’s easily one of the greatest emcees of all-time period and not just here in Chicago.  His newest single, War Ready, which has him showing off his killer flow and why he’s one of the originators of the double-time flow so many have run with today and copied.  Over the dark and cinematic DJ Tight Mike production Twista goes lyrically off with aggression that shows he’s as hungry as ever and really out to prove himself.  He’s ready for anything to pop off and this is just a warning of the lyrical dexterity he’s still capable of.  Such lyrics as, “And even though I gave you a glorious death.  I was hurt to see it in front of the preacher cuz I do have a heart.  Even though it’s part of us, I’m still Spartacus.  Legend like Leviticus.  Sort of God of Artemis.  Better yet I’m through your oculus.  I could just see you now with the look of disgust upon your face.  To see the way I’m still killin’ it.  Still ballin’ while the shorties drillin’ it.  Auto-tune fillin’ it but I don’t have to interfere with it.  Keep it infamous cause I got a style that’s infinite.”  Just further proving it.

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