Tech N9ne Let’s It Be Known He Ain’t Like Others In New Video, Like I Ain’t

Tech N9ne does his time, but also let’s it be known he ain’t like others and has had quite the illustrious career in his new video for, Like I Ain’t.  One of the more standout records from Tech’s just released 13th solo album and 21st album overall, N9NA, the new visual is also the latest in his Kathartic episodes that sees him being taken into a psychiatric ward by the feds.  The visual is also a play on Tech selling out like many fans have said he has and now he’s being charged for killing two undercover officers, who represent undercover fans that don’t really support him anymore cause they think he sold out to the mainstream.  So now he’s rapping again like he ain’t sell out and is ready to be freed.  So free N9NA!!!