Boogie Takes A Deep Dive Into Love, In New Video, Skydive

With his debut album, Everything’s For Sale, still in heavy rotation and arguably the best Hip-Hop album to drop so far this year, Shady Records emcee Boogie returns with the new Gina Gammell and Malcolm Washington-directed video, for what’s easily one of the best two or three tracks on the album and a personal favorite of mine, Skydive.  Originally shown in the short-film, which the Compton emcee released just days before the album, he now has released it as a stand-alone visual through Vevo with a few extra scenes that sees him taking a deep dive into love and depicting the insecurities from both ends of a relationship.

Opening up with a steamy bedroom encounter with his companion that shows both ends and his son catches a glimpse of, before leaving off to find his own young love.  Or does he?

You have to watch the full video to find out.