KXNG CROOKED Lets It Known We All Need, More Love, On Very Emotional Newest Weekly

With all that’s been going on lately in this crazy fvcked up world we live in, which includes the recent unfortunately way to early passing of fellow Westcoast great, Nipsey Hu$$le, L.A. emcee KXNG CROOKED reps for Nip and all of the fallen soldiers and let’s it be known we all need more love on his newest installment of The Weeklys, appropriately titled, More Love.

Crook giving all his heart on the very emotionally touching new Dizz-produced record.  Which has the LBC rep giving the following quotables for his 14th installment of his current weekly series, “I said this shit on Glock Away, bullets took Big and Pac away, bodies dropping a block away.  Feeling like the modern-day Marvin Gaye cause I gotta say, what’s going on?  First let me send condolences Slauson’s way.  R.I.P. Nipsey.  R.I.P. King Lou.  The fact that you’re gone don’t even seem true.  Death is like a vandal destroying shit like a scandle.  I’m tired of lighting candles for brothers who look like me and you.  The culture just lost a soldier.  The whole city hurt.  In loving memory of stitched on the back of a Dickies shirt.  Death is like a b***ch in a mini-skirt, look how quick we flirt.  End up in the dirt.  What did we learn from seeing Biggie’s hearst?”

More Love (Hip Hop Weekly #14) by KXNG Crooked