Independent Powerhouse Tech N9ne Set To Take On Chicago’s Patio Theater For Chicago Stop Of It Goes Up Tour

The most successful, highest-selling and critically-acclaimed independent Hip-Hop artist in history, rapper Tech N9ne, is easily one of the best Hip-Hop artists to ever touch a mic.  His grind and hustle of putting out album’s, whether it be his own solo work, compilations or as CEO and owner of his own record label, Strange Music, is second to none.

The amount of work, sacrifice and dedication that Tech has put in his just a little over 20 years in Hip-Hop is unmatched in not only Hip-Hop, but makes him among the biggest independent acts in all of music period.  His constant touring, merchandising and overall great business mind not matched by many and one of the first to do it so successfully on his own with well over a million plus copies sold independently, is why he continues to be so relevant all these years later.

You match that with Tech’s truly great body of work he continues to consistently put out and the very fast-rhyming Chopper style he along with so many other great Midwest emcees like Twista, Eminem, Bone Thugs-n-Harmony, Do or Die and Crucial Conflict, among others made so popular.  Plus his truly great lyricism and wordplay and you can see why everyone from Snoop Dogg to Twista, Eminem, Ice Cube, Scarface, Slipknot, Busta Rhymes, Lil Wayne and Deftones, among many have gravitated towards his music over the years.  Several, if not all at one point collaborating with him too.

Not only his consistency with putting out new music almost every year since finding Strange Music with his business partner Travis O’Guin back in 1999, but his legendary work ethic for touring and virtually always putting on great show-stopping performances, while also putting on so many other great artists through his label and even having them open and tour with him that have made both himself and Strange into such iconic rap brands, is also why he is so revered and respected by so many, not only in Hip-Hop, but beyond it by their legions of fans that swear by Tech’s music and the Strange Music brand.  Not to mention it also helps continue to make him remain so relevant.

So with that said it should be no surprise that Tech is currently getting set to put out his 13th solo album, N9NA, in just a few short weeks on April 19th.  The new 21-track effort a direct response to me and so many of his other core fans that think the pioneering Kansas City rapper and emcee, has somewhat shy away from us over these past few years with all of his many collaborations.

With Tech himself having the following to say in a statement about the new album, “Fans have been asking for an album centered around just Tech N9ne with minimal features, so I give them N9NA.  This is me, wholeheartedly.  It’s something for my die-hard fans and an introduction for all newcomers.  I’m rapping like never before – like I’ve never sold a Gold or Platinum record.”

While a new album from Tech wouldn’t be complete with the announcement of yet another headlining tour too.  So he also just a few weeks ago announced his upcoming, It Goes Up Tour 2019.  In addition to Tech N9ne along with his always partner-in-rhyme, Krizz Kaliko, the tour will also feature DAX, ¡Mayday!, and UBI of Ces Cru.  Slated to hit 55 cities in the United States, including Chicago, Los Angeles, Houston, Denver, Seattle, and Phoenix, the tour is scheduled to launch, a week ahead of the albums release on April 11 in Omaha, Nebraska.  The tour set to conclude June 19th in Wichita, Kansas.

If you want to be among the many to see the sure-to-be can’t miss tour, you can catch the highly-anticipated Chicago date at Patio Theater in a little over a month on Sunday May 12th.