Snoh Aalegra Delivers Emotionally Touching, Love-Infused New Single, You

At a time when everybody truly needs love and compassion, very beautifully talented singer/songwriter Snoh Aalegra’s very emotionally touching new love-infused single, You, couldn’t have come at any better of a time.  As the ARTium Recordings artist sings so compassionately with her emotionally soothing vocals over the soulfully thumping Joel Compass-produced guitars backdrop about a love she has for someone that she can’t live without, while also keeping that romance quiet and on the low.   The guitars and thumping drums buildup from Compass’ production truly able to not only bring out Aalegra’s very emotionally harmonious soothing angelic vocals and emotionally compassionate touching lyrics that are so beautiful it may even bring you to tears, but so perfect to play and perform in a live setting too.  It may especially move you to tears if you think about a love one you just lost and not the song just being about a romance as intended to be.  The power, strength, love and authenticity of music a record like this brings, truly needed by so many of us right now.