KXNG CROOKED Proceeds To, Go Crazy, On Newest Weekly

KXNG CROOKED proceeds to go crazy and show his versatility as a great emcee and one of the best to ever do it with each new installment of, The Weeklys and his latest, appropriately titled, Go Crazy, proves it yet again.  As Week 13 finds Crook taking it back to a classic strip-club anthem and making it lyrical, with his Dizz-produced flip of Nas & Bravehearts, Oochie Wally.

The way Crook goes crazy and makes a record more known as being a strip-club type anthem actually lyrical.  With such standout bars as, “I’m LA Leakers with the freestyle, Spit it like a playa should.  Wide body park that boy up in your neighborhood.  Hips like thick Rihanna, lips like Meagan Good.  Jesus was a carpenter, that’s why the God is laying wood.  I’m sorry Miss Jackson, your daughter is beautiful.  Cigars in the humidor, baby my art is musical.  If an artist gets stupid with me I’m going to start his funeral.  Revenge is a drug, I’m calling it Karmaceutical.”