Sinéad Harnett Delivers Beautifully Amazing New Video, By Myself

Not even a full week after dropping her very beautifully soothingly soulful latest single, By Myself, very talented singer and songwriter, Sinéad Harnett, is back with the singles accompanying new Elliot Simpson-directed video.  The just as beautiful new visual, which was premiered through Vevo, just like the record itself, finds her trying to escape a love, she just can’t quite yet let go.  As you watch and see it play out, it gives somewhat new meaning to the record you may have not noticed before.  A simple, yet really beautiful visual, which truly helps bring this already very beautifully amazing record to life even more and Sinéad said was done in just one take to show how quickly a decision to leave can turn into opting to stay.  Bound by unhappy relationships, whether in not only love but other areas of life that are like an unhealthy routine hard to break out of, does she finally get her happy ending and not end up all by herself?  You have to watch this very simple, yet beautifully amazing new visual till the very end to find out.