KXNG CROOKED Gets On His Westcoast Ridah Ish On Newest Weekly, Glock Away

KXNG CROOKED continues to show his versatility as a great emcee and one of the best to ever do it with each new installment of, The Weeklys and his latest, Glock Away, proves it yet again.  As Week 12 finds Crook taking it back to that classic gangsta Westcoast ridah ish, with his Dizz-produced flip of the all-time Westcoast and Hip-Hop classic, Ambitionz Az a Ridah, from the late great Tupac Shakur.

The way Crook goes off with his rhyming ability on this one way to insane and leaves you with the screwface as you listen to most of the track.  The Long Beach emcee showing once again just when you think he can’t outdo his last weekly, he does it yet again.

Glock Away not only finding Crook showing off his king like bars, but also giving a message most everyone needs to hear about a serious topic in the hood and everywhere.