Elle Varner Gets Sexy & Seductively Alluring In New Video, Pour Me feat. Wale

A couple of months after very talented Grammy Award-winning singer and songwriter, Elle Varner dropped her very seductive and soulfully passionate latest single, Pour Me featuring Wale, the very amazingly talented singer is back with the records accompanying new video, which was premiered through ESSENCE by way of Vevo earlier today.

Just as sexy and seductive as the actual record itself, it finds Varner in a mansion getting seductive and alluring with a python in a classic little black dress, as well as getting seductively alluring in an elegant white dress in another scene.  While she gets sexy and seductively shows off her thick thighs and very curvaceous figure in a very seductively green floral dress in another scene, as she sings the very sexy and passionate lyrics about a missed connection with a friend that after drinking she drunkenly admits she thought really should’ve been a lover.  While Wale in the same house spits his very stellar guest verse about a situationship and love that never was.  Both Varner and Wale together in a few scenes, as well as she sings the very passionate chorus about that love that never was.

The singer herself having the following to say about the record in a statement to ESSENCE, ‘Pour Me’ is about a missed connection that leads to thinking and drinking about an almost lover.  Sometimes we put someone in the friend zone and later realize we missed a good thing.”

The python crawling and intermingling with Varner, the perfect last minute addition to the visual that really brings out the seductively alluring temptation and sensual seduction that really brings the record truly to life.  So much so in a way where it makes you think that the very beautifully sexy and talented singer is actually seducing and trying to allure you to be her lover.