New Artist Spotlight – El Camino with Venice Beach feat. Benny The Butcher

We are back again.  Not as long as a hiatus since we did our last new artist spotlight, as usual.  Only dating back to the end of January with rising great upcoming emcee, Eto.  Today me and the rest of the team here at TheHipHopDemocrat have decided to bring back again our always very popular New Artist Spotlight for a second time here in 2019.  This time highlighting one of Hip-Hop’s rising great talents, in Buffalo, New York native, El Camino.

Coming up from the same neighborhood and camp as his fast rising great Griselda brethren, like many of the great upcoming New York emcees that have emerged over the past three to five years or so he is more known and praised on the underground scene rather than the mainstream.

Which is why it should be no surprise that fellow Griselda and Buffalo rep, Benny The Butcher is featured on El Camino’s newest single, Venice Beach, which we are highlighting.  The mostly violin and menacing drums infused production from Dirty Diggs providing the perfect backdrop for both Camino and The Butcher’s raw and real soulfully gritty rhymes about the tumultuous street life they both grew up in.  Both emcees name-dropping everyone and everything, from Jimmy Wopo to Gwyneth Paltrow and Benny Blanco and even Venice Beach.  Where El Camino details the dualities of street life, the perils and romanticism of homes literally being turned into bakeries like it was being pushed through a Benz in the world-renowned Venice Beach.

The lead single from the Buffalo natives upcoming album, Don’t Eat The Fruit, which is set to drop this coming Friday, March 15th, this is just the first taste of a project that really highlights the emcees own tumultuous street upbringing that has temptation all around it and he’s trying to leave behind.  Creating art that is very adjacent to the life he formerly lived and currently has him on house arrest, Camino paints tales of the violent escapades that create the exhilarating highs he had coming up in that gritty, raw and real environment he grew up in.  Which unfortunately for many that grew up in similarly improvised neighborhoods like Chicago, Brooklyn, Los Angeles, Compton, Long Beach, Bankhead and others can relate to and why El Camino is an emcee so many can relate to and rest assured we will be hearing about for years to come.