Khalid Is Just Trying To Talk & Have A Feel-Good Time, In Colorful & Fun New Video, For Newest Single

Very talented singer Khalid recently made his SNL debut and fresh off that, he debuted earlier today through Vevo the very feel-good and colorfully fun new Emil Nava-directed video for his latest hit record, Talk.  The lead single from the singers upcoming highly-anticipated sophomore album, Free Spirit, which drops on April 5th, the visual for the very catchy Disclosure-produced record finds Khalid and his friends on a multi-room soundstage that changes colors.

Khalid himself catching a vibe for a feel-good time dancing solo in a pink room, before he switches to a red room that he chills with friends.  He then sings the records very catchy lyrics from a pink background to a female next to him in an orange background, he’s trying to talk to.  Before he dances solo and floats through a blue room filled with balloons and even then catches a vibe dancing with his friends in different other various multi-colored backgrounds of a soundstage for a very feel-good fun and vibrant time.

The visual like the vibrant fun catchiness of the lyrics of the song is also very vibrantly fun and colorful in a way that really brings the record to life and makes you want to dance and sing along for your own vibrantly colorfully fun feel-good time with yourself or with a bunch of friends.