TDE Announces Debut EP From Zacari, Run Wild Run Free, Release Midas Touch Video

Zacari has long been featured on TDE projects and a little over a month after being announced as the labels latest signee and dropping his debut single, Don’t Trip, followed by his next single, Midas Touch, Top Dawg Entertainment has announced a release date for Zacari’s debut EP, Run Wild Run Free.  Set to be released next week on March 15th, as they announced earlier today.

Along with the announcement comes the debut through Vevo of the PANAMÆRA-directed video for Midas Touch.  Which finds Zacari exploring the woods and surrounded by gold everywhere he goes whether it be his car, the studio he’s recording or even he himself turning into pure gold in the psychedelic new visual from his midas touch.  He even transforms into a wolf that’s supposed to represent him in the trippy, yet golden new video.

Which despite it not coming out till after his Don’t Trip video was released was actually his first video he ever shot, as he told HypeBeast.  Having the following to say, “This is the first music video I’ve ever shot and it’s crazy cause it was also my first time overseas.  Me and Moosa were out there for like 8 days so aside from shooting the video I had a lot of time to explore the city.  I fell in love with Paris.  I even got to visit the wolf trainers facility called Pierre’s Animal Farm in the countryside of France that was probably one of the craziest experiences of my life.  Got to go into the wolf sanctuary with the whole wolf pack.  Working with wolves throughout the whole filming process was awesome [and I] got to get a real-life perspective and interactions with this animal.”