Kehlani Blooms New Life & Love Into World, As A, Butterfly, In Symbolic & Colorful New Video

A couple of weeks after releasing her highly-anticipated mixtape, While We Wait, very talented and beautiful singer/songwriter Kehlani is back with the very colorful and symbolic new video for, Butterfly.  One of the most standout records from the project, the new visual finds two male dancers stand as the protagonists for the video’s duration through interpretative dance, while Kehlani shows face every so often.

Blooming into a beautiful butterfly as she shows off her beautifully blooming vocals about blooming new life and love into the world with her soon to be born baby on the very acoustic single.  It’s very symbolic of her own current pregnancy and shows the singer emerge like a butterfly from its cocoon for the song’s spoken word outro.  Really truly helping bloom and bring the very amazing record to life in the very symbolic, artsy and colorful new video.