KXNG CROOKED Drops Several Jewels On Newest Weekly, Jewel Emoji

Nine weeks in and KXNG CROOKED continues to kill instrumentals at a rapid pace for his latest Hip-Hop Weekly series, The Weeklys.  This time giving plenty of bars once again on the Dizz-produced, Jewel Emoji.  Which sees Crook provides plenty of the coldest bars and metaphors you will hear, as we’ve always come to expect from the LBC emcee, who continues to prove why he’s easily one of the coldest lyricists or emcees not only now, but of all-time period.  With bars like, “Holy ghost writer, only Jehovah flow tighter.  My flow is so cold you zip your overcoat right up.  Soak my dope right up.  You wouldn’t overdose either.  I’m so Westcoast we make this over low riders.”  Once again further proving it.

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