DJ Muggs & Eto Dominate New Crack Era In New Video/Single

A little over a week after the announcement of Rochester, New York emcee Eto’s highly-anticipated collaborative album with the legendary DJ Muggs of the legendary and iconic, Cypress Hill and Soul Assassin’s, Hell’s Roof and dropping lead single, Holy Wine, the duo is back yet again.  This time dropping the latest single and video, Dominate, just days before the albums March 1st release date.

Eto once again providing that gritty and real raw emceeing over DJ Muggs dark and cinematically raw haunting organs on production to provide the perfect backdrop for the New Crack Era and Rochester rep to spit on how the ongoing crack epidemic started by former President Reagan are still ongoing.  Which is why the new accompanying visual featuring vintage clips of how crack was flooded into New York during the Reagan Era intertwined with Eto and Muggs performing the very raw new track fit the new video for the new single perfectly too.  Crack still kills, but Eto like many other great emcees before him are trying to still bring awareness on how to hopefully stop it.

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