KXNG CROOKED Is, Up2TheSun, On His Newest Weekly

KXNG CROOKED continues to kill instrumentals at a rapid pace for his latest Hip-Hop Weekly series.  This time getting giving plenty of bars for the Gods and keeping his crown shining, as he let’s it be known why he’s one of the best ever on the West when it comes to lyrics and straight up emceeing on his 8th edition of The Weeklys.  Which sees Dizz, who has produced all The Weeklys so far, flipping Nas & Lauryn Hill’s classic, If I Ruled The World.  Crook provides plenty of the illest bars and metaphors you will hear, as we’ve always come to expect from the LBC emcee, who continues to prove why he’s easily one of the illest lyricists or emcees on not only the West, but of all-time period.  These bars, “Reminding you n***as why I’m the best ever.  Seen a lyricists on the West like Crook, never.  I go gorilla.  I chip like a pokeadilla.  The flows are illa.  N***as I’m on the next level.  The final boss you face, give up the joystick.”  Just further proving it.