Chicago’s Own Add-2 Drops Powerful New Single, Git Yo Hand Out My Pocket

Chicago’s very own Add-2 has been gone for awhile, but makes his powerful long-awaited return with his new single, Git Yo Hand Out My Pocket.  Which has the emcee letting you know, he “did not come here to play games.”  Showing why he’s not only arguably the greatest emcee and lyricist in Chicago, but one of the illest emcees and lyricists in all of Hip-Hop right now, even despite the long nearly five year hiatus he took.  Plenty of memorable lines and lyrically sharp lyrics spilled throughout the powerful choir sampled Sirplus-produced track that have Add sounding as hungry as ever.

Such as, “My penmanship make ships sink and than I’m feeling out.  Your cruise just falling out, writting letters, I spell it, address you and than mail it out.  Outsmart them.  I’m brainstorming, bring your umbrellas out.  How long will my rain last?  Hungry, but ain’t fast.  You slow ain’t catch it, like drop past.  As I pass the class.”  Or probably my favorite line with, “They always say I’m in rare form.  I do it often.  I beg your pardon.  I sell ticks like I play in Boston.  Found myself, trying to find myself in these beats I’m lost in.  Lost ones, thinking they can guard son.  No son, cross them like God’s Son.  Jesus got more game than Shuttleworth.  For what it’s worth.  My homies pouring syrup like it’s Buttersworth.”

The lead single to Add’s very highly-anticipated and long-awaited yet to be named new album sure to draw plenty of buzz and have you rewinding back plenty of times to try to catch all the cleverly sharp lyrics and wordplay throughout.  Like all truly great emcees make you do.