Asiahn Tackles Deep Topics On Colorful & Fun New Visual, Like You

Grammy Award-nominated singer/songwriter Asiahn, who has been more known for her songwriting for the likes of Jennifer Lopez, Pitbull, Drake and several others.  As well as most others, myself included first finding out about her very passionately angelic voice on The Game solo recording, Just Another Day, which she sang the hook for and was featured on the historic N.W.A. biopic, Straight Outta Compton and also on Dr. Dre’s final solo album, Compton.  While now going by Asiahn, as her stage name instead of her actual name, Asia Bryant, the singer has within the last few years decided to start finally putting out her own solo work.  Most notably and recently, from her debut album, Love Train 2, which she just released the other day and is a followup to Asiahn’s debut EP, Love Train, she put out in 2017.

While today she continues to promote Love Train 2 by earlier today premiering through Billboard by way of Vevo, the very colorful and fun new visual for her latest single, Like You.  A very passionately powerful throwback R&B anthem that really shows off Asiahn’s very potently and vibrantly angelic passionate vocals.  The new visual like the record itself tackles colorism, sexism, and the lack of visibility for black and LGBT+ artists, among the several deep topics, but also is still a fun and colorful video.  That also shows the singing live aspect of a video, you rarely see too much in music videos anymore.  Asiahn telling Billboard the following about the very cinematic new visual, “We wanted to take the video back to the old school vibe, back to those Lauryn Hill-type videos — hit you with the colors, but make it a house party vibe.”

You can watch the very cinematic new visual, which really truly brought the record to life below.

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