Robin Thicke Testifies About Love & Hope In Beautifully Soothing New Video, Testify

Only days after releasing his beautifully soulful new single, Testify, singer Robin Thicke is already back with the just as beautifully soothing new video for the lead single from his highly-anticipated new solo album.  Premiering earlier today through Billboard by way of Vevo the new visual finds the singer with his guitar in-hand crooning the soulfully beautiful, hopeful and reflective lyrics.  As with the sun shining on him, Thicke recounts his blessings and testifies about all the love and hope he still has despite the many losses he has suffered recently.  Which includes the loss of his father just a couple of years ago and he shows with the different families that he shows at various points throughout the video that he’s no different from many of us with the trials and tribulations he goes through in life as well.  Which really helps bring the record to life and shows that at the end of the day, whether celebrity, semi-famous or just your regular everyday blue-collar worker, we all have the same trials and tribulations, but also can all testify to having love, hope and faith too.  Something we all need as we come towards the end of another year and become more reflective of how far we’ve come from the previous year and the hope and faith of having even better things in a new year.