Jess Connelly Drops Very Colorfully Vibrant New Video, Process feat. Awich

Jess Connelly, who is currently on tour, has been on a real roll this year.  Whether it be our feature or several other features from other sites on her these past few months, both before and after the August release of her highly-anticipated mixtape, JCON, really kicking things into gear and that continues today with the premiere through PAPER of her colorfully vibrant and captivating new Michael Laburt-directed video, Process.  One of the standout records from the project, the new visual, which features rising Japanese rapper, Awich, finds the sure to be iconic duo rolling through the streets of Tokyo.  As rocking ultra-chic looks in the very captivatingly vibrant, trippy street scenes they give of a whole new millennium girl empowerment vibe that is sure to captivate the listener/watcher, as they watch the new visual, which really takes you back to those great fun and trippy iconic Pop videos of the 90’s and even early 2000’s.  Connelly having the following to say about the record and it’s throwback fun-filled new video, “Process is about allowing a relationship to unfold in it’s own time.  Sometimes love is taken too seriously & we have too many expectations but when you remove that you can enjoy the process.  I wanted the visuals to be fun, trippy & reminiscent of the late 90’s/early 00’s.  We planned the concept in a couple days with Michael Laburt and flew out to Tokyo to shoot the video with Awich.”