Mila J Tells Tale Of Fallin In & Out Of Love On New EP, September 2018

Mila J continues her year-long EP series with her appropriately titled latest EP, September 2018, arriving just before the month of September closes.  With what’s arguably the best EP of the bunch so far, the Los Angeles singer and songwriter, as well as dancer and sometimes rapper continues to tell the tale of fallen in and out of love she has personally herself gone throughout the year.  Which a lot of us do as well and can relate so much with.

Kicking off the EP in grand fashion, Mila gives some of the hardest hitting bars you will hear from anybody male or female with opening track, People Watchin’.  Which finds the L.A. native over the triumphant horns backdrop talking her ish and how everybody trying to imitate Lil’ Kim.  She shows and reminds everybody that she’s not only a great singer and songwriter, but when she wants to rap, a pretty dope rapper/emcee as well.  Her very great storytelling skills being displayed very well on the track.  That perfectly segues into the very heartfelt record, Tell My Why.  A song that finds Mila singing and asking, “why?” is her man in a relationship with her if she has to question him about his loyalty and why did she even leave her ex, if that’s the case.

Like most of her EP’s in her year-long series so far, Mila uses mostly limited keys or chants almost acoustic type backdrops to tell her very real and emotional tales of fallen in and out of love.  Hard to Read, a record where she sings about how hard it’s to read someone else’s feelings in a relationship.  Singing how she thinks that’s one of the reasons she thinks they made astrological signs to try to make it a little easier to try to do so.  That than so seamlessly segues so smoothly into easily one of the most emotional and heartfelt records, Mila has ever released or that I’ve ever heard period, Sing This Song.  Which finds her singing very passionately and emotionally about how a person she thought she was in love with wasn’t really the person she thought he was and had a whole other life with a wife and kids.  That makes her feel wrong for having ever loved him and that she was in the wrong when it was really him for never telling her.  Which unfortunately a lot of people nowadays can relate to and have gone through or may currently be going through.  Thus why when you hear the real life emotions she puts in the song relating it back to her actual relationships, former or current as Jamila make the song that much better too.

As with all of her EP’s thus far, MIGH-X, as Mila’s lone feature closes it out on closing track, Told You So.  A very smooth record about telling an ex about how you told them so about how bad the person they’re currently with really was, but they didn’t want to believe you at the time.  The perfect way to close out yet another very timeless EP from Mila, which records you will continue to play a lot.  With the fall months now coming a lot of these records will be very relatable to that time period everyone goes through of fallen in and out of love during those Fall months that leads up to trying to find a relationship with someone to warm up with during the cold Winter months.