Mila J Delivers Summer Vibes On Latest EP, August 2018

Mila J has found the formula that’s right for her.  Dropping her eigth straight EP in eight months, the Los Angeles singer/songwriter and dancer continues to drop quality music.  Her latest EP, August 2018, just right for the end of Summer months.

Drawing you in right away from the very opening track, Handsome, Mila lets it be known that in this male dominated industry, women can also be handsome and rock men’s clothing just as well as men, if not better and don’t always have to dress up in skirts and women attire.  One to set trends and not be one, Mila lets it be known she’s at her best whether she has a man or not.  Seguing so seamlessly into, Just Don’t Lie, Mila uses her real life once again as inspiration.  As over the very smooth MPC laced backdrop it finds her reflectivity touching about how when she’s in a relationship she can’t have her significant other and/or lover lying to her and making her “be out there looking crazy.”

As with most of her EP’s so far, the Los Angeles native uses love and possible previous relationship and/or experiences in her own life to give us such grest art.  This time with easily one of the more standout records, Business and Pleasure.  A record that finds Mila over the slow-chants singing about the good and downside of trying to mix business and pleasure and what makes you wonder was something real or just something she had thoughts of doing, but didn’t.  That then perfectly segues into, New Boyfriend.  A very precariously Indian-sounding backdrop, which finds the singer singing about a possible new boyfriend she now has.  It’s an experimental type sounding record that’s good, but could’ve been better if it had a better sounding backdrop or beat, as opposed to what she used.

Meanwhile once again, MIGH-X, as Mila’s lone feature to close out the EP brings, barssss, on the appropriately titled, Bars.  Given a perfect change of pace as he sings about a love he has and tried to stay in touch, but wasn’t able to cause of him being a tough guy and being in bars in jail.  Overall it’s a very great EP once again from Mila, but I would only give it a solid four out of five rating compared to her other monthly EP drops throughout this year, it just felt like something was missing that could’ve made it just as great, if not better than her previous releases.