Jorja Smith’s Life Is An Open Book In Stunning New Video, On Your Own

Jorja Smith’s life is an open book in the very stunning new Rashid Babiker-directed video for, On Your Own, which she premiered earlier today through Vevo.  One of the more standout records on the very talented and beautiful singers mostly critically-acclaimed debut album, Lost & Found, released this past June.  It’s the fourth visual from the album and is a very stunningly stellar one, which finds a young woman played by Savanah Acquah laying on her bed with headphones on and flipping through pages of a photo book titled, Jorja Smith.  As she turns and goes through the pages it unravels the tales of love, lust and heartbreak that are central themes of this particular song and throughout most of the album, as Smith herself comes to life with each flip of the next page, truly bringing the actual record to life, like no other.  Babiker having the following to say about the futuristic, yet nostalgic concept of the video, “To stage it in a way fitting for the song I channeled imagined-nostalgia from the perspective of a girl, a fan of Jorja, who’s living in an intentionally anachronistic world where these videobooks exist and cassettes are the new, old vinyl of today.  Even with the nondescript time period, from the year markings in the book you can determine the book is from Jorja’s “Lost & Found” period and the world is a bit further into the future.”