Eminem Drops Hilarious New Video, Lucky You feat. Joyner Lucas

Eminem has been in the headlines a lot lately for his recent surprise album, Kamikaze, which he dropped nearly two weeks ago.  While continuing promotion for the album and after about a little over a week ago premiering through Vevo the video for one of the most talked about tracks on the album, which also happens to easily be one of the best tracks on the album and a fan favorite by most, Fallen, Em is back again with yet another new video premiered through Vevo.  This time for another favorite by a lot of people with the Joyner Lucas featured banger, Lucky You.  The new visual is a very hilarious one that finds Eminem and Lucas in the middle of nowhere as commanders that are ready for war, as surrounded by a group of hooded people with beaming red eyes, he shows Em how they’re copying their every move. It’s a really brilliant metaphor of how as a lot of lyrics in the song suggest, almost everybody in Hip-Hop is copying everybody else.