As Lollapalooza Closes, Sabrina Claudio Delivers One Of Lollapalooza’s Top Performances

As Lollapalooza closed it’s fourth and final day Sunday and what was easily the most scorching-hot day of the world-renowned music festival in Chicago’s Grant Park at around the mid-90’s and you braved the elements, you were in for a treat.  With one of the highlights of not only the whole day, but weekend being the late afternoon into early evening set from rising R&B/Soul singer, Sabrina Claudio.

Claudio donned in a floral green dress, took the American Eagle stage with her band and showed and proved why we highlighted her as our, Can’t Miss Performer, for this year.  As she took the pretty sizeable large crowd with her on a journey, swaying her hips ever so slightly.  With much of the crowd swaying and waving their own bodies and hands along with her, as she opened her nearly 45-minute set with sensually smooth and very soothing title track from her critically-acclaimed debut EP, Confidently Lost, she released early last year.

The rising singer’s sensually smooth and soulfully soothing sultry vocals on full display during her performance. Meshing so perfectly with her live backing band, her angelic vocals so seamlessly help her command the stage in a way that’s well beyond her young age and in ways almost like a veteran performer.

Mesmerizing the crowd with her very amazingly soothingly beautifully sensually smooth angelic vocals on, Stand Still and Tell Me, really taking you to another space and time.  Sabrina really unraveling back the crowd, as she truly showed off her very sensually smooth airy vocals over the mostly guitar backdrop of, Unravel Me, which had the crowd really singing along with her and truly showing their approval of the singer and how beautiful she meshed her live performance so seamlessly with her backing live band.

Using just her mic and airy sensual smooth vocals throughout a majority of the performance, Sabrina showed that you don’t have to move all over the place, just to deliver a very amazingly stellar great performance.  You can just slightly sway your hips back and forth, as she did as she transitioned to the very seductively smooth, sensually soothing and enticingly vulnerable, All To You.  The record really showing the singer at her seductive best, as she hypnotized the crowd with her very passionately seducing smooth beautifully soothing vocals.

Sabrina also showed that she knows how to perfectly please and give the crowd what they want, like a veteran performer and not someone who is only really just getting started.  As she would briefly talk about her highly-anticipated new project, no rain, no flowers, which is expected to drop a week and a half from today on Aug. 15th.  To which she premiered live for the first time and for the first time period publicly her newest record, Numb, from the project, which she said she’s dropping on Wednesday.  Before giving her first ever live performance of her very amazing newest record and lead single from the project, Messages From Her, which she first dropped the other day.

She would then close her set out with her breakthrough single and fan favorite, Belong to You.  Claudio playing both records from her newest upcoming project live for the first time in a setting like Lollapalooza, the perfect place to do so.

Judging from the thunderous applause and positive reaction she got from that trio of records to close her set, plenty of the singer’s fans in the crowd were certainly not only pleased, but she probably even made plenty more new fans as well.  Delivering easily one of the top five and maybe even top three performances of the whole four-day festival, Sabrina definitely has a very bright future ahead and I definitely wouldn’t be surprised to see her back playing the world-renowned music festival at least once or even a few more times within the next few years.