MUGGS & DOOM Deliver Very Ruggedly, Vigilante New Single, Assassination Day feat. Kool G Rap

Today just a few days after delivering their new single, Death Wish, which featured Freddie Gibbs, MUGGS & DOOM are back at it with the second part to the two-part single, Assassination Day.  A very grimy and ruggedly vigilante track, which features the Masked Villain giving some very nasty and ruggedly vigilante villanous rhymes over the just as grimy and vigilante dark DJ Muggs production.  One of the greatest hardcore emcees of all-time, Kool G Rap, delivering a nice guest verse.  This is also the title track and marks the first chapter from Muggs’ upcoming new album, Assassination Day, which drops on Aug. 3rd.  The album said to follow a vigilante theme where Hip-Hop takes corruption head on, figuratively killing off powerful evildoers in positions of power.  Made up of multiple chapters alongside various emcees it will also feature several cartoon themed visuals as well.