Adrian Daniel Shows His Many Flaws On New Album, FLAWD, But Album Itself Is Quite Opposite

Rising R&B star and Brooklyn-bred native, Adrian Daniel just a few months ago released his newest album, FLAWD, and while just like it’s name, the album finds him singing and talking about his own flaws he has throughout, the album itself is truly is flawless from beginning to end.  Daniel releasing what’s sure to be one of the best albums you’ve heard all year and be on many top albums of the year lists by the end of the year.

Starting with the very first track, Roxanne, a very hypnotic record about what one goes through while going through a breakup, the Brooklyn native draws you in from that very opening track to the very last track, Dreaming.  Roxanne showcasing his very amazing vocals that are very reminiscent of other great alternative R&B artists that have risen over the past few years such as, The Weeknd and Frank Ocean, who have taken the genre and elevated it to new heights.  Also where you can still tell it’s his own voice and vocals though.  Perfectly then transitioning to one of the more standout records from the album with, Open Up.  Where Daniel over the very amazing keys and drums backdrop sings about opening himself up in a new relationship and how he wants his lover to open up their eyes to the beauty he sees in their eyes, to see in him as well.  His very hypnotic vocals once again being put on full display.

If you think about the Brooklyn-bred singer/songwriters distinctive signature hypnotic vocals are really put on display throughout much of the album.  The very expansive soundscape throughout really letting Daniel to not only showcase his amazing soulfully silky-smooth vocals, but very amazing falsettos and great songwriting abilities as well.  His very great songwriting abilities and falsetto vocals really being put on full display on the next two records, Enough and lead single, Deadly Attraction.  Both records being really slow-building, guitar-driven anthemic type records.  The latter easily one of Daniel’s best records so far in his short career.  As he shows his very great storytelling and songwriting abilities.  Singing in his signature falsetto vocals about a toxic relationship one finds themselves in, but still enjoy being in because of the deep desires it represents that they have to be in a relationship that isn’t normal.

The album is also a very honest and heartfelt body of work that’s a true musical journey throughout all 14 tracks.  Daniel’s great songwriting throughout really something that truly sets him apart from his counterparts.  Which he continues to display on the Rudy Catwell featured, Face of Eve and as the album transitions to the second half of the project.  As he sings and tells the story of how the faces of Eve he has seen throughout his life has shown his flaws and sins of grievance he has committed.  That perfectly segues into the very hypnotizingly enticing, Havoc.  A record that finds Daniel singing about the greatly written tale about a woman who has caused him havoc and sounds like it’s probably even about a stripper, with the way he references in part of the lyrics how he keeps on, “having to throw and spend money for this woman out of habit.”

As the album transitions to the last quarter plus or so, it gets pretty emotional and even sad.  Daniel continuing his very great storytelling, as he drowns in the sadness and tears he has caused a previous lover in a previous relationship that he knows caused them tears.  You can hear the tears flowing down, as he sings in great sad falsetto about this previous relationship that resulted in sadness for all on the appropriately titled, Midnight Tears.  That then perfectly transitioning into, Real.  A record about how even in darkness and no matter what you’re going through, “You gotta just be real.”

This City, maybe possibly the biggest record on the album aside from, Deadly Attraction.  Really showcasing Daniel’s slow burning and great signature falsetto vocals, as he sings with great soul about the sadness he previously went through in a young love he lost in the city.  The record itself sampling lyrics of a standout classic record that I’m trying to remember, but can’t pinpoint for the life of me.  That record and the closing records of Rare and Dreaming, really truly showing what a timeless, comprehensive and complete album, Daniel truly delivered with, FLAWD.

This is such a timeless masterpiece that you can easily play from beginning to end without any skips that should really be nominated for a Grammy Award with how great it’s.  Even if it doesn’t end up being though, rest assured it will not only be on a lot of top albums of the year lists across all genres and not just R&B, but I wouldn’t be surprised to even see it as the very best album of the year across many of those best of the year-end album lists at the end of the year.  This new album really showing how bright not only Daniel’s future is, but the future of R&B and Soul for now and years to come with how many great artists like him, The Weeknd, Frank Ocean, Khalid, Jorja Smith, Snoh Aalegra and Ella Mai, among others have emerged over the past few years.